My First MAC

24 Feb

Ladies and Gentlemen, my first MAC purchase.

Last week I made the leap into MAC and I did it on a budget and for very cheap. I have heard nothing but amazing things from Beauty Gurus on YouTube about MAC’s Studio Finish Concealer, thinking that it was WAY out of my price range I did a quick search online. $16 dollars for a concealer that will make me look flawless? It either is too good to be true, or priced wrong on the website, I thought. So it was time to explore.

I arrived at my local MAC store, which was busy as usual, dragging one of my guy friends along. He survived. The service was less than desirable and the girls seemed rather annoyed that I knew exactly what I wanted, but they gave me some to test and let me tell you I felt like a million bucks. Acne scars, actual acne, circles under the eyes, ALL GONE. I was sold, no matter what the cost. But remember this is a beauty budget website, I thought watch it be $100, I would have been one sad blogger.

Grand total- $18.07 (after tax). Sold. This cannot be beat. I will only use this concealer from now on. My skin feels great and it hides those little imperfections that drive me nuts. Simply fantastic. And all on a small small budget. WIN!


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Posted by on February 24, 2011 in BeautyGurus, New Finds


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